DJ Minx’s Movement Festival Playlist: 10 Essential Tracks

Movement Festival kicks off tomorrow (May 28) in Detroit, with the legendary event once again showcasing the best in house, techno and sonic points beyond.

Hometown queen DJ Minx is once again gracing the lineup, rounding out the event with a Monday night performance. This set will serve as the cornerstone of her DJ Minx & Friends stage, which on Monday will host an A+ collection of artists including The Martinez Brothers, DJ Tennis, Kyle Hall, Justin Martin and Octo Octa, Soul Clap. It’s Minx’s first time hosting a stage at Movement.

A true aficionado of the festival and its music, DJ Minx here — in her own words — selects 10 essential tracks to spin in homage to Movement.

Mister Joshooa, Jeremy Kypta, Tree, “Shampoo Dub”

“Whew! This track’s vocals by the owner of the salon above the TV Lounge, is all Detroit. The production is minimal, and it grooves. I like to use it during the start of my sets.”

Ash Lauryn, “Dancin In the D”

“Nice to hear my girl Ash on vox duty on this one! The music is reminiscent of late nights in the D, and it always pulls the heads to the dance floor. All eyes on me!”

ADMN, Delano Smith, Mister Joshooa,  “LFO’s Are Tight (Delano Smith Remix)”

“This one puts you in the zone. Period. Delano’s productions are always fire!”

LadyMonix, “It’s a Party Dammit”

“This is good for the cool down set. The drums are laid out nicely and they feel real good. Love it!”

Floorplan, “Tell You No Lie”

“I’m always diggin’ Floorplan’s four on the floor tracks and this is another heater! It’s a peak-time floor filler, and it makes it bounce in the DJ booth. Floorplan never lets me down.”

Jon Dixon, Moodyman & Kasan Belgraves, “On My Own”

“I like to run the beginning of this track over a hard kickin’ beat, then let it play out from there. The combo of Jon, Kasan and Moody is massive. Jon’s production is ace. The fact that Kasan keeps the work of his legendary father, Marcus Belgraves, alive is everything! Moody’s vocals are a sweet topping. Great work gents!”

Blake Baxter, “Where Were You”

“This track is on my list because Blake is the Prince of Techno and is still killin’ this s— still today. Track is superb Detroit techno!”

SIS, Ataxia, “Bargun (Ataxia’s SuperTempo Remix)”

“This remix is fire, period. Proud of Ataxia’s accomplishments, and this makes me adore them even more.”

Dantiez, am2pm, “Do It”

“This man has some helluva talent! Every track he produces is gorge, and this one is no exception. The baseline and drums give me chills. True elements like the music produced by his father, Kevin [Saunderson]. Hot, HOT!”

DJ Minx, “Do It All Night”


“…and what we are “doin” is dancing! I am proud of myself for the production on this track. It was when I found my sound. I’d been working on doing that for a while.”

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