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We a bringing something different to our listeners that give them a better way to interact with DJ or our on air personalities

Dj Billy Dee

Live from New York Wednesday 8pm-10pm and on Sunday 3pm-6pm

Dj Kotang

Live on Saturday 5pm-7pm from New Jersey

INFINITI SOUND straight of the Bronx with selector Cleave gives you a taste of what, Music, Entertainment. looks likes. Saturday 2 pm-4 pm

Dj Cleve

Live Monday 5pm-6pm from CT

Mr Young

Live on Monday at 7pm-9pm, Wednesday 7pm-8pm from New York City

Dj Andrew

Live Sunday 10am-12am from CT

Dj Hrdway

Live Monday- Friday 9am-11am from New York

Dj Poison 876

Live on Monday-5pm-6pm, Thursday 7pm-9pm and Saturday 7pm-9pm 

Dj Sweettie Sweetz

Live on Friday 5pm-6pm and Sunday 12am-1pm


Live Monday-Friday 9am-11am on the MorninVibez

Dj Tony Ruger

Live Monday's at 4pm-5pm

Penthause X

Coming soon on Thursday 9pm-10pm with four beautiful young ladies


Live on Monday 9am-11am on the MorninVibez