Best Heated Socks for the Fall

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The idea of how far temperatures drop in order to be considered “cold” obviously varies from region to region. Whether you live high in the snowy mountains or down on a chilly shore, a good pair of heated socks provide luxurious comfort and help improve circulation for those wearing them. Throw in a pair of waterproof shoes or boots and you’ll be equipped for the coldest of days.

Sharp-looking footwear

Improving circulation and avoiding frostbite are two good benefits of these fashionable options.

These heated socks from Snow Deer use a specially designed polyester mix that dries up to five times faster than cotton. Drier feet are more comfortable (and warmer) feet. These battery-powered socks use an infrared element for heating. They have a three-setting controller so you can customize your comfort. We recommend buying a second backup battery so you don’t have to chill out while batteries recharge. Looking for other tips to keep your feet warm? Consider waterproof shoes and avoid walking around in bare feet.

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Top-to-bottom comfort

Enjoy nearly a half day of soothing relief thanks to its unique material.

These thermal socks offer a wide range of sizes to fit any foot. They’re unisex so equally comfortable for men and women. The heating element can be doing its job in just 30 seconds. There are four temperature settings depending on your personal likes and the outdoors’ delights. They come with a pair of 5000 mAh rechargeable batteries that provide 10 hours of lasting warmth after three to four hours of charging. Another tip to keep your feet warm: Avoid cotton socks, which are more breathable – thus cooler – than wool varieties.

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Easy to wash

Clean by hand or washing machine with ease. Just put them in a laundry bag first.

The big plus with this pair is the bamboo fiber fabric, which stretches easily to fit any sized foot. The heating wire – invisible in the construction – won’t be detectable to the wearer. A power indicator light shows when power is running out on the 3.7V 4800mAh rechargeable batteries.

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Use your smartphone

Adjust the temperature from 85 to 158 degrees or turn them on or off using your handy gadget.

These socks from Wasoto use a heating sheet instead of the traditional wiring, creating an improved, even heat. They’re made from crystal fleece, modal core yarn and spandex for a sharp, accurate fit. One note: They’re not as thick as some competing pairs so they’re not recommended for snow skiing. Otherwise, enjoy up to 10 hours of warmth when they’re fully charged.

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