Best Turkey Fryers for Thanksgiving

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The fall means feasting and few items are are revered as the humble turkey. The symbol of early American colonists’ sustenance has become a year-round treat, but if you’re looking to put your own spin on the board, try deep-frying your turkey. While this style of preparation can be tricky, a good fryer can make this preparation a breeze. Here are our recommendations.

Heavy-duty construction

Ideal for lobster and shrimp boils, medium-sized turkeys and whole chickens.

Domestic turkeys were first raised by Native Americans in Mexico and Central America as early as 25 A.D. and were brought back to Europe around 1519 by Spanish explorers. Just a couple of thousand years later, this outdoor propane fryer awaits today’s tasty turkeys. This heavy-duty, welded cooker offers 33,000 BTU cast burners along with a 29-quart aluminum post with a lid, basket, lifting rack and hook.

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High output

It takes a lot of oomph to cook a whole fall feast, and this model is designed to deliver.

Benjamin Franklin famously preferred the American turkey to the bald eagle as a symbol of the young nation, calling it “a more respectable bird.” If you’re new to deep frying a bird, consider this setup from CreoleFeast as a great starter kit. It has two pots – including a monster 30-quart container, steamer basket, thermometer, rack, lifting hook, marinade injector, burner stand, liquid propane hose and regulator. It’s designed to prevent tipping – one of the biggest dangers when using this much hot oil.

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Cooks up to 16 pounds

Save money and stress with this infrared cooking appliance.

Fire departments have a few big holidays where they can expect a lot of extra home visits – the Fourth of July and New Year’s Eve for mishaps from fireworks and Thanksgiving for deep-frying disasters. Cooking with oil is a bit dangerous because of the risk of pots overturning and causing injuries and fires. This option from Char-Boil removes the risk and offers infrared cooking instead. It’s still big enough to handle entire turkeys, chickens and other feasts up to 16 pounds. It comes with a basket, thermometer, lid and – most importantly – a step-by-step cooking guide.

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Fry, steam or boil

The extra-large basket can handle up to a 20-pound-turkey or 5 pounds of chicken wings.

It’s thought that about 88 percent of Americans eat turkey on Thanksgiving while about half as many do so on Christmas. Still, turkey is the No. 4 protein of choice for Americans behind chicken, beef and pork. Let’s flip that around with this easy-to-use electric fryer from Butterball, a brand that knows a thing or two about turkeys. If clean-up is your worry, stop sweating. This appliance has dishwasher-safe components and an oil drain valve to make the meal’s aftermath a breeze.

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