The Creative Deal that is Turning Curaçao into a Caribbean Golf Paradise

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Get stuck on the stunning view on the ninth hole at Old Quarry and you might lose track of where the curves took your ball.
Old Quarry Golf Course

To be fair and accurate, Curaçao has been a golfer’s paradise for as long as it has had courses. However, aside from USA Today naming Old Quarry the best course in the Caribbean, this slice of heaven (pun intended) has largely remained a hidden gem for travelers who never leave home without their clubs. Now, though, there’s more incentive than ever to visit this island for its epic links, thanks to the Curaçao Golf Pass.

It’s as simple as the name implies: for $295 travelers can play all three of Curaçao’s courses during their visit. Anyone who has paid resort course fees around the world knows that things can get pricey—and that’s before you even factor in rental clubs, snacks and drinks, and all the balls you might lose along the way. 

That last one is especially true at Old Quarry Golf Course, as I learned the hard way on my recent visit. Play the first few holes here and it’s immediately evident why this one is a preferred vacation course for pros. But it’s also as challenging as it is beautiful. Each hole offers stunning views that showcase the natural beauty of the island, from the waves crashing against the rocks along the first and second holes to the various spots adjacent to the marina, where average-at-best golfers will be terrified of smacking their ProV1s into very expensive boats. And all along the way, the fairways are lined with prickly bushes, so watch your arms and legs when you try to retrieve your hooked and sliced balls.

Keep your ball to the right on hole two at Blue Bay, because the trees and rocks are no golfer’s friends.
Blue Bay Curaçao Golf and Beach Resort

But this is hardly just about one course. Blue Bay Curaçao Golf and Beach Resort and the Curaçao Golf and Squash Club are included in this deal, and each one offers a truly memorable experience. The former is a William “Rocky” Roquemore design that also uses the island’s best attributes as a collective backdrop. Just like at Old Quarry, elevation comes into play here and golfers of all levels will be both delighted with and sometimes frustrated by the bumps and curves along the way. 

Golfers who love a relaxing setting and forgiving fairways will call the Curaçao Golf and Squash Club their home-away-from-home course, as it also boasts breathtaking surroundings that’ll distract even the most frustrated grumps as they search surrounding trees for lost shots. 

All in all, whether for a four-day weekend getaway or a weeklong family vacation that includes some spare time for a round or three, the Curaçao Golf Pass is a bargain that will hopefully inspire copycats throughout the Caribbean. Even if playing three rounds seems unattainable, though, the good news is the pass is good for a full year from purchase. And that means the best thing of all: more trips to Curaçao.

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