Artist of the Week – Shaneil muir

Shaneil Muir

UK-based 365 Records releases her latest single, Top Gyal, today. Produced by Collegeboiz Productions, the song is on the El Mejor rhythm which also has singles by Ishawna, Munga Honorable, and Popcaan.

Muir explained the inspiration behind Top Gyal.

“The song came about by the drive to implore females that they don’t have to be a stereotype. They should be comfortable in their own skin and not settle for less than what they deserve. It is also to encourage them to start reaching for the top no matter where they are from and what you have,” she said.

Magnum Queen of The Originally from Flanker in St James, Muir recorded her first single, Proud Side Chick, for Good Good Productions shortly after making the top five in dancehall.

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