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It was a Tuesday night like any other for the young woman in her early 20s. It was 9:30 and she had just ended her shift and was heading home. She walked across the street from the complex and waited for a cab.

One came after about 10 minutes, she recalled.The driver of the car with private registration plates tooted the horn and shouted, “Mall?” indicating that his route would terminate at Portmore Mall.

She got in, told him where she was getting off, and paid her $100 fare.According to the police report, when the young woman got to her stop, not far from where she boarded, and was about to alight the vehicle, the driver engaged the doors’ autolock and powered up all the windows. He then climbed into the back of the car beside her with a knife and a piece of rope.

He threatened her, bound her hands, and blindfolded her.

When he released her an hour and a half later, she found herself in a bushy, deserted plot next to a well-known retailer.

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